The cfinder story

 The consulting business is about to transform. During the last couple of years, we have seen a movement from employed consultants towards self-employed. The key driver is freedom to control your time, assignment and your economics. We have seen a movement by customers, trying to find individual resources from a multitude of companies, towards wanting to find a skilled specialist or team from a transparent marketplace. We have seen that personality and drive being at least as important as the CV. We have seen the rise of specialized and self-employed business creators bringing increasing value to their customer by understanding their business and needs. Cfinder is all about giving these groups a meeting place, on their terms.

We take our Community seriously. We know that the consultants want to be part of a Community where good relationships, competence development, sharing insights and hooking up for social events is a natural part of workdays and free time. We also know they only want to see invites that match their interests and needs. As we all know: people who meet and interact, care for each other.

Cfinder are about setting a new standard on how to meet and interact in the digital arena as well in real life. We will bring Perfect Match to the market.

The team behind cfinder has long experience from building consulting companies in the IT, management and technology area. This is just another way, bringing power back where it belongs.


The self-employed consultant is a happier consultant

There is a dramatic increase in number of self-employed consultants. The Swedish SCB has shown that the number is increasing with a steady 15-20% a year during the last 5 years. The “entreprenörsbarometern” from Tillväxtverket shows that 47% of Swedes want to start their own company.

Why? The answer can be found in an international report – the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor – where their vast study shows that self-employed entrepreneurs/consultants experience a higher quality of life. Mainly because the sense of freedom and control. Today the struggle is to find a new meaningful assignment and the lack of peers and colleagues is a blocker.

We are addressing this challenge within the consulting business. We thereby also encourage and enable the creation of successful teams independent of where you work or live. We call this “work where you live”. It will reduce travel and environment footprint.

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