The Perfect Match

Cfinder is the meeting place for Consultants, Customers and business Creators. Here we will find and meet with each other in a Perfect Match. We provide a transparent and data driven community for search & find, doing business, building teams, improving skills and of course networking.

Cfinder is all about giving these groups a meeting place, on their terms.

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Let's do it together

Smile to the world and it will smile back. We know that two things matter most for self-employed consultants. Do you agree? >>

At cfinder you will find thousands of specialist consultants and teams. Your next consultant is just a click away. Let’s find out more! >>

Cfinder will be a brand-new way for you to search & find specialist and teams that match your customer’s needs. Is this for you? >>

Happy Price Model for all members

  • Consultants pay a monthly fee as low as 1500 SEK.
  • Customer gets a free basic membership. Pays only 800 SEK per active assignment and month.
  • Business Creators gets a free basic membership. Pays only 800 SEK per active assignment and month.

Sign up on the VIP list and you will stay tuned and know when it’s time to test The Happy Community.

We give you

The smartest Community in Sweden for Consultants, Customers and Creators for The Perfect Match!

The Happy Price Model
A flat rate business, – Consultants pays a fixed monthly fee. Customers and business Creators pays a fixed monthly fee per gig/project. Takes no part of the business between Customers, Creators and Consultants. No exclusivity – Stay if you like us, leave if you don’t.

for OUR members
  • Display your skills, personality and driving forces in the Profile
  • Find and do your business in the Marketplace
  • Hang out with colleagues in the digital Café
  • Train with colleagues. Increase your business values in the Gym
  • Meet and work together with colleagues in the Co-working places
  • Handle your quotations, contracts, invoices, payments etc. in the Office

Let’s have a freshly walk in the park or a nice cup of coffee in the super cozy Södermalm.

  • Magnus Ladulåsgatan 3, Stockholm
  • +46 70 261 73 30