You will get

  • Your professional, your behavior and drive force profile is visible and searchable for all Customers and Business Creators.
  • Advanced matching of Customer and Business Creator needs in direct searches or open assignments.
  • In-message for quick contact with Consultants, Customers and Business Creators.
  • Community membership to unlimited number of interest groups.
  • Local office space at a reduced cost.
  • Statistics on important topics as average prices, average assignment length, average days free, most searched competence, number of colleagues and many more.
  • Customer ratings & feedback.
  • Invite to seminars, lectures and social events at self-costs.
  • Back office – digital contract management, time reporting, invoicing etc.

Two things that matter most

  • Feel secure that your next assignment will not be far away and you will be proud of it.
  • Be in a vibrant Community of colleagues.

Cfinder will be just that to our members. We strive to provide a hassle-free consultant career. At cfinder you will find thousands of colleagues to interact with both live and digitally. Your next assignment is just a click away.

Happy Price Model – Consultants pay a monthly fee as low as 1500 SEK.

Sign up on the VIP list and you will stay tuned and know when it’s time to test The Happy Community.