We, at cfinder, are driven by the belief that everyone should have the freedom of choice

The consulting business is shifting and cfinder aims to make a difference. The past year has shown us that an increasing number of consultants choose to be self-employed. The main motivators being the ability to reign over your own time, assignments and needs. The customers, on the other hand, want efficient ways of finding competent consultants or teams, that match their needs. The number of self-employed consultants and specialized business creators is steadily increasing. Their knowledge of the customer’s business ensures both consultants and customers a delivery of quality.

We know that most self-employed consultants wish to be part of a context and to have professional connections, where relationships and continuous development is the focal point. There is also an advantage in being able to choose activities in line with your own interests and overall life situation. Our true belief and experience are that people who meet, have fun and collaborate together, also take care of each other. Cfinder sets a new standard of how to make business, both digitally and in person. Through Happy Community and Competence Finder we create a venue where two or more people and activities match. With cfinder you will handle your whole business digitally, while working on your social arena as well. All on your terms.


Competence Finder

Competence Finder matches available consultants and assignments. As a customer, you enter your requirements and Competence Finder will give you immediate suggestions of available consultants. You can also search for consultants and teams by yourself. As a consultant your profile will be matched with suitable assignments. Naturally, you’ll have full access to available assignments in real time. Register in Competence Finder, free of charge.

Available consultants

A problem needs solving, and the solution is right here! Conduct a search right now among consultants in cfinder’s database and make contact at once. Meet at cfinder, by registering in Competence Finder and create magic!

Published Assignments

Looking for a new assignment? Simply use cfinder to explore new assignments and to make direct contact with the customer. No intermediary parties, no hassle.


At cfinder, we believe in the freedom of choice, whether it’s your choice of assignment or customer. Are you a group of people who like to work together? Register as a team!


Happy Community

Join Happy Community and hang out with your colleagues. Get invitations to events, relevant to you, automatically and enjoy competence development, events and activities by choosing your main interests when registering in Happy Community. You need to register your profile in Competence Finder in order to become a member of Happy Community.


Feel the joy of being a part of something bigger than yourself. You will be a part of a community where you can network with other great colleagues.

Skills development

Explore the joy of building skills and getting better. You will get offers on relevant courses and seminars, that suit your path of personal development.

Events & Activities

You will receive invitations to activities that develop your personal interests, in line with those you registered for in your profile.

Not convinced? Talk to Sebbe & Peter!

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