If cfinder can make a difference for you, we have succeeded

The consulting business is shifting and cfinder aims to make a difference. We believe in a free consulting market in several industries where customers and consultants meet on equal terms. Cfinder was started to change the consulting industry into something we ourselves want to be a part of today and tomorrow. The consulting industry today is characterized by customers and consultants meeting through intermediaries. Intermediaries control which consultant is presented to the client, often without transparency. Their business model is to take a high percentage cut, a so-called middle cut. The intermediaries add a minimal value to the client and consultant if they can instead find each other directly, openly and on equal terms. We want to change that!

Cfinder is innovation! We create a digitized smart AI-based meeting place where customers and consultants meet. Our members know that AI software matches all their expertise and experience to customer needs, around the clock without interruption.

We know that many self-employed people want to be part of a context where good relationships and skills development are in focus. They want to be able to choose activities that suit their interests and life situation. As a result of our long industry experience, we have learned, among other things, that people who meet, have fun and collaborate also care about each other – and this is something that we at cfinder value highly. We believe in a corporate culture where we care about each other. Every day. In everything we do. We not only want that care to be felt within our walls, but we want it to be felt in everyone we meet along the way on our journey to change the consulting industry.


About cfinder - who are we?

Together, we have extensive experience in the consulting industry. Both with finding the right consultants for an assignment, to offer relevant skills development and not least great activities that promote your network. Click here and scroll down on the swedish site to see who we are >>

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