We are driven by the fact that everyone has the freedom to decide for themselves

The consulting business is changing. And we want to help make a difference. In recent years, we have seen a clear trend that more consultants will become self-employed. The driving force is the freedom to decide for themselves about their time, assignments and finances. Customers want to quickly and easily find the right consultant and team that fits their needs. The number of independent and specialized business creators is increasing. Through their knowledge of the customer’s business and needs, they can offer both the consultant and the customer a quality delivery.

We know that many self-employed people want to be part of a context where good relationships and skills development are the focus. They want to be able to choose activities that suit their interests and life situation. We have learned that people who meet, have fun and collaborate also care about each other. Cfinder sets a new standard for doing business and meeting, both digitally and in personal meetings. With cfinder’s Happy Community and Competence Finder, we create a place where two or more people or activities match each other. Here you can manage the whole deal digitally and can hang with other colleagues. Totally on your terms.


Competence Finder

The Competence Finder matches available consultants with vacant assignments. As a customer, you enter your needs quickly and easily and Competence Finder gives you suggestions for available consultants that are suitable for the assignment. You can also search for consultants or teams yourself. As a consultant, your profile will be matched with the right assignment. Of course you can see all assignments in real time. Registering in our Competence Finder is free.

Available consultants

Customers and business creators find the right consultant for your needs.

Vacant assignments

Consultants will be found and can themselves search for developing and fun assignments.


Create your own teams or search for an integrated and complete one.


Happy Community

In Happy Community you can keep up with your colleagues and participate in everything from skills development to fun events and activities. You will be invited to what is relevant to you. When you sign up for the Happy Community, you can tell what personal interests you have and what topics you want to follow. You need to register a profile in Competence Finder in order to become a member of the Happy Community.


You get to be in a context and can network with other great colleagues.

Skills development

You are offered relevant courses that suit your competence development.

Events & Activities

You receive invitations to activities that develop the personal interests that you have added to your profile.