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Our site uses cookies (cookies, web cookies, cookie files). On this page you can find out what cookies are, how we use them at and what you can do if you wish to disable or delete them.

What are cookies?
Cookies are common text files and cannot contain viruses. A computer cookie is a data package that is designed to hold a small amount of information about your whereabouts on the website you are browsing. When visiting a website, small packages of data are sent from the website to your computer. Your computer then stores the information and allows the website to retrieve it on your next visit. There are several purposes for cookies. They help the website keep track of your activities and preferences and can easily carry that information from one session to another. These files are small and will not weigh down your computer memory.

How cookies are used on
On, cookies are used to improve user experience on the site, but also to measure the number of visitors. Furthermore, cookies help us see our visitor’s navigation patterns.

How do I say no to cookies?
You can choose which cookies to allow, disable or delete, in your cookie settings. If you choose to disable cookies, your user experience of our site may be impaired, or the site may not function properly.

What does the law say about cookies?
According to the Electronic Communications Act, all web sites using cookies are obligated to inform visitors of this and how they use them. More information is available at the Post and Telecom Agency website.

How do I remove cookies that have already been saved on my computer?
You need to choose your settings for each browser you use. contains a summary of how to handle cookies, how to block them and how to remove them from your system.

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