Find assignments, colleagues and much more

  • Get quickly and easily found for vacancies or search for yourself in Competence Finder.
  • In your profile, enter your strengths and driving forces that will be part of the match.
  • Have a dialogue directly with customers and business creators.
  • Choose for yourself which interest groups you want to join that fit with your personal choices.
  • Look at relevant and transparent statistics about prices, assignment lengths and more. which is of benefit to you and your customer when you enter into an agreement.
  • Give and receive reviews about you as a consultant and about the customer after completing the assignment.
  • Be invited to relevant seminars, courses and events at cost price.
  • Managed back office such as digital contracts, time reporting, billing etc.
Free assignments is funny

Two things that matter most for consultants​

  • Feel secure that your next assignment will not be far away and you will be proud of it.
  • To be part of a network of colleagues for collaboration and development.

Cfinder will make it possible for our members. You as a consultant will be found by customers, sales organizations and thousands of colleagues in the areas you choose. You will collaborate and develop with other consultants and take part in the activities and events that you like. Always on your terms.

Our Happy Price Model. Registering in the Competence Finder is free and your membership in the Happy Community costs SEK 1,500 per month. That’s all! No additional fees or intermediate cuts – we take zero percent of the deal between consultants, customers and business creators.