Find assignments, colleagues and much more

  • Find new assignments by making yourself visible or do a search on your own through Competence Finder.
  • Sharpen your profile by specifying your strengths and incentives, all of which will be part of the matching process.
  • Make direct contact with both customers and business creators.
  • Choose which groups of interest you wish to participate in, according to your personal choices.
  • Look at relevant statistics concerning pricing, assignment lengths and more that is beneficial to both you and your customer while entering a mutual business agreement.
  • Receive and write reviews about both yourself and your customer, after completion of the assignment.
  • Receive invitations to relevant seminars, courses and other events at cost prices.
  • Manage back office tasks with tools such as digital contracts, time reports, billing and much more.
Free assignments is funny

Two things that are essential to consultants

  • To feel confident that fun and inspiring assignments await you and that you will be proud of what you bring into them.
  • To be a part of a network of colleagues in order to grow personally in cooperation with others.

This is what cfinder brings to you as a member. As a consultant you’ll be easily found and matched with customers, sales organizations and thousands of colleagues in the area of your choosing. You will also be able to cooperate and grow with other consultants and be a part of activities and events that interest you. All on your terms.

Our Happy Price Model. Registering for Competence Finder is FREE and your membership in the Happy Community is yours at the cost of SEK 1500 per month. That is all! No additional fees or intermediate cuts – cfinder takes ZERO % of the business share between consultant, customer or business creator.

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