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As a Non-Paying Member, as a consultant, you can, with the help of elegant AI functions such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, upload your CV in just a few seconds and be searchable immediately afterwards. Right now it is free to register and upload your CV and become searchable. If you want to upgrade to Paying-Member, click on the Memberships tab in Happy Community and choose how many months you want to sign up for.

Upload your CV in a few seconds

Upload your CV in a few seconds and just as quickly you can see how our Natural Language Processing interprets your CV. You can edit and polish your CV in the platform until you are satisfied.

Become searchable

Consultants will be immediately searchable for new assignments by customers and business creators after you have uploaded your CV.



As a Paying Member, as a consultant, you not only get what the Non-Paying Member gets, but you also get full access to Happy Community. In addition, you can search and find assignments yourself and add monitorings to assignments. You also get a significantly lower fee if you take an assignment through our cfinder creators. An upgrade to Paying-Member costs SEK 1,500 (plus VAT) per month.

Search and find assignments

Consultants can search and find assignments themselves and you can add monitorings to the assignments you want.

Become successful in your consulting role

Hang out with industry colleagues and strengthen your network, exchange experiences and sharpen your skills with advantageous course offers.

Grow together with other consultants

Join in beautiful events where you can broaden your network of contacts, have great fun and create business opportunities! Not infrequently, you will find your dream assignment through a contact.


Assignments - this is how it works

As a consultant, you can get help from our eminent cfinder business creators or from other consulting brokers to find assignments. Of course, you can search and find assignments yourself if you are a Paying Member – you will find both direct customers and customers posted by business creators. If you, as a consultant, take an assignment through our cfinder business creators, you pay a fixed monthly fee – this means that if you increase your hourly fee or work more hours, the fee to cfinder is still the same.

Pricing model for consultants

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Consultants who have been paying members for at least 3 months pay no platform fee.


Consultants who are not paying members pay a platform fee for 6 months. If you have been a member for one or two months when the assignment starts, they will be deducted from the platform fee.

Platform fee

The platform fee includes full membership and access to the entire platform during the term of the assignment.

Example: Consultant Harry

Consultant Harry is a member of Happy Community and pays SEK 1,500 / month in membership fees. He uploads his CV in a few seconds, develops skills with really nice discounts. His professional role is test leader and he has just discovered the network group for test leaders – there he has already found many competent industry colleagues. Next week he will be at the Paddle Tournament and the following week a three-course dinner in the middle of the Swedish pine forest, he is very much looking forward to it. He contacted a cfinder business creator for help finding assignments. It turned out that he had entrances to his dream customer. Harry was commissioned as a test leader with a scope of 150 h / month and an hourly fee of SEK 1,150. Since he is a member, he pays only SEK 6,000 / month during the assignment plus the membership fee, which in total is SEK 7,500 / month (plus VAT). If Harry raises his hourly rate or works more hours, the fee to cfinder is still the same.

Feel free to compare with a consulting broker who charges 10% of the invoiced amount (150 h x SEK 1,150 = SEK 172,500). If Harry chooses to go through the consulting broker, it costs him SEK 17,250 / month (plus VAT). If Harry raises his hourly rate or works more hours, the fee to the consulting broker will increase.

Who would you choose to hang out with?

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Independent customer references

We believe that it can be a big scourge for a consultant to constantly hand out their referees and thus wear them out, especially when they are looking for several assignments in parallel. We therefore turn the process around and offer the consultants independent reference taking. The reference is of a high quality and is performed by a completely independent party and can advantageously be presented to the customer at an early stage.

The cost for reference taking with two referees (of which at least one in the ordering position) is SEK 2,000. For our Paying Members, this service is discounted to SEK 1,200.

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