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  • Find your best match of consultants and teams quickly and efficiently
  • Match by competence, experience, behavior or personal incentives
  • Advertise effortlessly for consultants or teams
  • Can’t find what you are looking for? Post us and we’ll help you match consultants with your request
  • Get in contact with the other parties, right after finding your match
  • Relevant and transparent statistics concerning pricing, lengths of assignments, and more is available to you as a customer and business creator, to assist you in the process of entering an agreement
  • Write and receive reviews of yourself and the consultants, following the assignment
  • Build your own team without effort, or join an existing one
  • Manage your back office needs through digital contracts, time reports, invoicing and more
  • Sign agreements between business creator, consultant and customer online in Competence Finder
  • Find and choose your own groups of interests to join
  • As a member, you receive full access to our Happy Community and will continuously be invited to all relevant events
customers who find consultants easily

Customers and business creators can easily search and find by themselves

As a customer or business creator, you can find available consultants quickly and efficiently through Competence Finder or use the option of posting your requests to us. By combining areas of competence, personality, personal incentives and driving forces, Competence Finder will match the right consultant with your needs. In case your requirements match a ready-to-go and well-oiled team of consultants, you will find them with us as well. You will also be able to form your own dream-teams by combining your employees and consultants in the network. As soon as your match is finished, you sign a digital agreement for the consultants, online. Done!

Searching for available consultants and teams in Competence Finder is free of charge, your only fee being SEK 800 per month and contracted consultant. That is all! No additional fees or cuts – cfinder takes 0% of the share between consultants.

Join Happy Community, with full access, to the fixed price of SEK 1500 per month.


Terms of Agreements are solely determined by business creator, customer and consultant – in cooperation.

Cfinder is your one-stop-shop to find self-employed, available consultants. Conduct your search in Competence Finder, with access to thousands of consultants, ready-to-go teams and specialists. Create your own team if you wish. Simply match your specific needs with relevant areas of competence, experience, behavioral profiles and personal incentives in the database. We know that both perspectives are important to ensure good results. You will be able to access reviews of consultants by their previous customers.

You and the consultant alone decide on the terms of agreement. Competence Finder will support you with digital contracts, time reports and invoicing.

Business creators, customer and consultant set the terms

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