Find available consultants, teams and more

  • Quickly get the best match when you search for consultants and teams.
  • Match on competence, experience as well as behavior and driving forces.
  • Advertise easily after consultants and teams.
  • If you do not find what you are looking for, post your needs and we will help you to get the right consultants your request.
  • Have a dialogue right after you find the right one.
  • All customers and business creators can look at relevant and transparent statistics about prices, assignment lengths and more. Which is of benefit to you and your consultants when you enter into an agreement.
  • Give and receive reviews about you as a client and about the consultant after completing the assignment.
  • Easily build your own teams or find ready and built teams.
  • Managed back office such as digital contracts, time reporting, billing etc.
  • Agreements can be signed directly in the Competence Finder between creator, consultant and customer.
  • Choose for yourself which interest groups you want to join that fits your personal choices.
  • As a member you will have full access to our Happy Community and be invited to all relevant events.
customers who find consultants easily

Customers and business creators can easily search and find themselves

Customers and business creators find available consultants quickly and easily in the Competence Finder, where you can also post inquiries. You will find the right consultant based on combined skills, personality and driving forces. If you want help from a flight-ready and integrated consultancy team, you can find them here, you can also create your own team with your employees and consultants. When you find what you are looking for, you sign a digital contract directly on the site!

It does not cost you to search for available consultants and teams in Competence Finder. When you find the right consultant to solve your needs, it costs only SEK 800 per month and active assignment. That’s all! No additional fees or intermediate cuts – we take zero percent of the deal between consultants, customers and sellers.

If you want to join the Happy Community and have full access to everything there is, you pay a fixed fee of SEK 1,500 per month.


The terms are determined by the creator, customer and consultant. Together.

Cfinder is a one-stop-shop for finding self-employed consultants. Search for thousands of specialists and ready-made teams or create them yourself. You can match your needs with skills and experience as well as behavioral profiles and personal driving forces. We know that both perspectives are important for good results. You can also get help with seeing what reviews the consultants have received from their customers.

It is you, together with the consultant, who determine the terms. Competence Finder supports you with digitally signed agreements, time reporting and invoicing.

Business creators, customer and consultant set the terms