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Cfinder is no ordinary consulting network, but rather a networking venue for Consultants, Customers and Business Creators. Cfinder’s Happy Community and Competence Finder not only give you access to available consultants or possible assignments and projects. They also present you with unique and continuous opportunities, as well as an arena to meet other fun colleagues to network with.

“When everything comes together. That’s what we mean by in Sync.” 

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We know that you value two things more than anything else: to find available and interesting assignments effortlessly, and to be a part of a network. A network where you can develop your skills, as well as find fun and interesting colleagues. Do you agree? >>

With cfinder you easily and efficiently find available consultants. Using Competence Finder will lead you to the consultants and teams that match your specific needs. If you prefer advertising, go right ahead and do so with Competence Finder, just as smoothly. That’s why we think cfinder is right for you! >>

Cfinder has a high-end concept, that helps you find and match the right consultants with your customer’s needs. Competence Finder will give you full control of your occupancy rate as well as practicalities concerning your business. Thanks to Happy Community, you will be able to offer a unique experience and an inspiring meeting point for your consultants, together with other interesting colleagues. Hang with cfinder and you will see! >>

Cfinder's Happy Price Model

  • Membership in Competence Finder is FREE.
  • Happy Community is available to you as soon as you become a member by registering on our web. Your monthly membership fee will be SEK 1500.

Happy self-employed professionals become even happier!

the free meeting place

There is a dramatic increase in the number of self-employed consultants. Reports by the Swedish government agency Statistics, “SCB”, show a 15-20% growth per year in the past five years. The Founders Alliance, “Entreprenörsbarometern”, states that 47% of all Swedes have a dream about becoming self-employed.

Partly, the answer can be found in the internationally acclaimed Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report. It shows that self-employed entrepreneurs and consultants experience a higher quality of life. Mainly, factors such as freedom and control in everyday work life makes self-employment worth striving for. The challenge, on the other hand, seems to be how to find meaningful and enjoyable assignments, as well as natural contexts for meeting other peers and inspiring colleagues.

With Happy Community and Competence Finder, cfinder has the key to solve this very important aspect of being self-employed. Not only does the cfinder network help you find available assignments and offers you a social and professional community. It also enables you to build geographically independent teams and to work independently, wherever you find suitable. We call this concept Work where you live. By minimizing the environmental impact, you as a Happy self-employed will be even happier!

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