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Hang out with cfinder at Sweden’s smartest meeting place. Cfinder’s Community not only give you access to available consultants or possible assignments and projects. It also present you with unique and continuous opportunities, as well as an arena to meet other fun colleagues to network with.

Doing business at cfinder not only benefits your time but also your wallet. We only charge fixed fees – so they are not affected if you as a consultant, for example, increase your hourly fee or if you work more hours. With the help of elegant AI functions, you upload CVs and assignments in just a few seconds. Just as quickly, it becomes searchable and you immediately get a matching list. Can not find what you are looking for? Enter a watch and when a match appears – Ping, you will receive a message.

“When everything comes together. That’s what we mean by in Sync.” 


Consultants, customers and business creators

With cfinder, consultants, customers and business creators find each other quickly and easily. You choose how you want to do business. Customers and consultants can get help from our eminent cfinder business creators or from other consulting brokers in the platform. Of course, you as a customer can post your assignments yourself if you prefer. Customers and business creators hang out for free in the Platform. Consultants pay a fixed monthly fee.

Community lovers

Anyone can hang out with cfinder

Cfinder is the natural place for all self-employed IT and management consultants. Find assignments, keep up with industry colleagues, develop skills at really good prices with reputable course providers. In addition, you will find a lot of great events to network at. With cfinder you have everything in one place! >>

In cfinders Community you search quickly and easily for available consultants. Here you will find the right consultants and team members that suit your needs. If you would rather upload your request, you do it – just as easily. In addition, you will immediately receive a matching list of the consultants who are suitable for your assignment. You can also get help and support from our eminent cfinder business creators. That’s why we think cfinder is right for you! >>

Our cfinder business creators work with many interesting and exciting customers. With their help, you as a consultant get closer to your dream assignment! They are always charged to take on new customer contacts and have many years of experience to see and understand the customer’s needs. Hang with cfinder and you will see! >>

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