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Cfinder is no ordinary consulting network. It’s rather a meeting place for consultants, customers and business creators. Cfinder’s Happy Community and Competence Finder not only give you the opportunity to quickly and easily find available consultants or assignments , but you also get great colleagues to network with.

“When everything comes together. That’s what we mean by in Sync.” 

Community lovers

Anyone can hang with cfinder

We know that, above all, the two things that are most important for self-employed consultants are – first and foremost finding vacancies but also being part of a network to develop in and have fun with colleagues in. Do you agree? >>

At cfinder you search for available consultants quickly and easily. With Competence Finder you will find the right consultants and teams to fit your specific needs. Would you rather advertise then you do it – just as easily. That’s why we think cfinder is right for you! >>

Cfinder is a whole new way to find the right consultant or team for your customers. With Competence Finder you get full control of the occupancy rate and the practicality of the business. Thanks to Happy Community, your consultants can provide a unique experience and a fantastic relationship with exciting colleagues. Hang with cfinder and you will see! >>

Cfinder's Happy Price Model

  • It's free to join the Competence Finder. To become a member of the Happy Community you need to be registered.
  • Customers pay only SEK 800 per active assignment and month in Competence Finder.
  • Business Creators pay only SEK 800 per active assignment and month in Competence Finder.
  • The membership fee in Happy Community is SEK 1,500 per month.

Happy self-employed people become even more Happy

the free meeting place

There is a dramatic increase in number of self-employed consultants. The Swedish SCB has shown that the number has been increasing with a steady 15-20% a year over the past 5 years. The “entreprenörsbarometern” from Tillväxtverket shows that 47% of Swedes want to start their own company.

Why? The answer can be found in an international report – the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor – where their vast study shows that self-employed entrepreneurs/consultants experience a higher quality of life. Mainly because of the sense of freedom and control. Today the struggle is to finding a new meaningful assignment and the lack of peers and colleagues is a blocker.

Cfinder solves the challenge with Happy Community and Competence Finder. In addition to finding assignments and being welcomed into a network, you can also work independently of geography and create successful geographically independent teams. We call the concept Work where you live. In addition to helping to reduce our environmental footprint, it makes Happy self-employed people even more Happy.